7 A's for a Happy Life: Attention, Awareness, Aliveness, Achievement, Avoidance, Action, Accountability

Attention is the ever present consciousness that can be directed at things or itself. Awareness arises when attention is placed on itself. Aliveness is the ideal state of consciousnessAchievement is the successful realization of one’s desiresAvoidance is the action one takes based on fears.Action is the expression from a state of desire. Accountability is the feedback from one’s actions.

Most of what I have studied and learned over the years both spiritually and materially boils down into these 7 A’s. Through managing attention, to increase awareness and aliveness, you’ll begin to find great joy in living. Achieving what one desires and avoiding what one does not desire is the path of life itself and determine the actions we take.Ultimately life holds us accountable for all actions in the form of all results.

Less Words, Conserve Energy

Good morning Full Potentialites! It’s 9:30 AM on this glorious human-made calendar day of 02 02 2022.

Me like to simplify post today.Me realize much complication — too many words.Me simplify. Sometimes, caveman talk more simple.When more simple. Easy. Clear.

Less words, conserve energy.

See if can use less words today, how you feel.

James Sunheart

James Sunheart

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